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About Us 

Croc Kung Fu  is devoted to Traditional Chinese Martial Arts.

Thomas Croc teaches genuine Shaolin Arts and offers Kung Fu Retreats in Nature as well as ongoing classes & workshops in Greece and worldwide.

Thomas Croc is part of the Nam Yang Pugilistic Association and the founder of Nam Yang Greece. 

Why practice Kung Fu?

Kung Fu is much more than fighting! Traditional Chinese Kung Fu contains the secrets of the Ancient Masters and offers us valuable tools in life. 

Literally, Kung Fu means hard work done over a long period of time. It trains our endurance and discipline and empowers us to overcome obstacles. 

What are the benefits of Kung Fu practice?

Our arts train the body’s ‘Chi’ – the energy which permeates all living things and has profound effects on our health and well being.


Through practice we learn to harness and effectively manage our vital energy, "Chi". This has a benefit not only for our physical body, making it more resilient and able to last longer in time, but also for our mental and psychological health.

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Meet Thomas Croc

Head Instructor &
Founder of Nam Yang Greece

We are extremely proud of the strength and tradition of our Shaolin Arts.


Ours are the genuine arts of the Fukienese Shaolin Temple (which inspired so many other martial arts, including Karate). We practice our arts the way they were taught by the Nam Yang founder, Master Ang Lian Huat (1924-84).


These are not competition, gymnastic or demonstration arts but genuine Kung Fu. These are the arts which made the Shaolin monks so famous.  These are the genuine, secret arts only recently revealed to non-Chinese.


We are honoured to be able to pass them on to you.

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Our Martial Arts School : Nam Yang

Nam Yang is a Pugilistic Association that started in Singapore by Master Ang Lian Huat and now contains branches in Thailand, the UK, Germany, Italy, Russia and Greece. 

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