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Nam Yang Pugilistic Association

Founded in 1954 by Master Ang Lian Huat in Singapore. Since a very young age Master Ang was taught by many different teachers and learnt several Kung Fu Arts:

Tiger-Crane Style from Master Tee Hong Yew, Tiger Style and Shaolin Weapons from Master Tan Kew Leong and  Shuang Yang Pei Ho (Sun Frost White Crane Art) from Master Miao Sian Meng.

He later combined them all and created a place where he could pass them on: Nam Yang (The sea of the East) was born and flourished as one of the most renown Kung Fu Associations in the world.

The main branch is currently led by Master Iain Armstrong in Thailand where scholars can devote themselves to Kung Fu in a monastic way and train whole year long. 

Joining Nam Yang means joining a family devoted to Kung Fu and to an authentic and unaltered ancient practice that has been passed on since four generations within the school.

We are proud to have now created a branch of the Nam Yang School in Greece. 

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