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Chi Kung & Kung Fu Retreat 2024 
Corfu, Greece
1 - 8 June  and 24 - 31 August 


This year's Summer Retreats will be focused around the element of Water

We will immerse in 6 days of Qi Gong & Kung Fu practice in a stunning  location on the Mediterranean coast.  The practice is beginner friendly and appropriate for all ages and levels of fitness.  The group will be divided in beginners and experienced students with the help of an assistant teacher to allow for advanced training (depending on attendance)

The training will follow the teaching style of the Nam Yang school which is based on traditional Shaolin Kung Fu and the Tiger Crane Kung Fu style.
We will learn and practice Qi Gong (Chi Kung), Shuang Yang – the Internal White Crane Shaolin Form - , Pushing Hands & Sticky Hands, Traditional Fighting, Kung Fu drills, Shaolin Weapons, Theory and Meditation.

During free time participants can enjoy the  beautiful surroundings of Corfu, with it's many beautiful beaches and picturesque landscape and architecture, book a massage or healing session, enjoy good food or hang out at the lovely beach of Arillas which is walking distance from our venue. 

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The retreat will focus on one of the key elements of Traditional Shaolin Kung Fu of the Nam Yang Kung Fu School : Flow.

We will take inspiration from the sea and the waves to find rhythm and effortlessness in movements.

"The thing that I love about Kung Fu is that we are taught to be like water, to let energy flow freely in our body and manipulating it like a wave to make it crash at our will. I haven't been practicing Kung Fu for a long time but I can already feel the huge benefits that the training has on my body and mind." -Thomas

The retreat offers you 6 full days of training (6 hours of active practice + 1.5 hours of theory per day) and one day-off where you can sleep-in, rest, relax and explore the beautiful surroundings. It is the perfect combination of Vacation and Training. We will also have an evening session on the day of arrival and an early morning session on the day of departure.  

Daily Schedule – General Outline


3-hour Morning Practice starting with Qi Gong, Shuang Yang and Kung Fu


Free Time – Lunch


3-hour Evening Practice : Kung Fu Training and Fighting Applications



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What you will be learning and practicing in the Retreat: 

  • Chi Kung for Health and Longevity. ‘Chi’ (Qi) is a natural energy which pervades all things. Chi Kung is the practice of charging the body with fresh, balanced Chi, eliminating stale Chi and circulating Chi through all of the meridians and to every cell of the body.

  • Shuang Yang - the Internal Art of the Shaolin White Crane Kung Fu, a rarely taught soft form. This is a very relaxed, fluid art which develops suppleness, mobility, calmness and balance

  • Sitting, Standing and Walking Meditation of the Buddhist tradition. Meditation supports our training by calming our minds, relaxing our bodies, circulating our Chi and enhancing our awareness.

  • Tiger- Crane Combination Kung Fu, the Classic Fukienese Kung Fu. The Tiger-Crane Combination art is a close-range art using mostly hand techniques including striking and seizing.

  • "Sum Chien", the original Shaolin internal power training exercise.

  • Chi Kung for Internal Power, also known as Hard Chi Kung or Martial Chi Kung

  • Pushing Hands/ Sticky Handstouch sensitivity drills that provide direct, hands on contact and train speed, reactions and strategy while remaining safe.

  • Shaolin Weapons. In this retreat we will mostly focus on the Tan taw (Chinese broadsword)

There will also be sessions of Workouts, Stretching and Relaxation to aid and better develop our physical fitness.  Massage and Holistic Therapy treatments are available upon request. 

Places are limited. Book your place soon! 

Contact us for more information at

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