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Chi Kung
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Chi Kung/ Qigong

‘Chi’ (Qi) is a natural energy which pervades all things. Chinese medical theory is based on the understanding that if the body’s Chi is balanced, clean and circulates smoothly,  health and vitality will result.

Chi Kung is the practice of charging the body with fresh, balanced Chi, eliminating stale Chi and circulating Chi through all of the meridians and to every cell of the body.

We practice and teach two different systems of Qigong :  


Soft Chi Kung for Health and Long Life -  an easy and efficient system, suitable for beginners, called Tong Ling (clearing and circulating) Chi Kung. 

Chi Kung for Internal Power - known as Hard Chi Kung or Martial Chi Kung, Kung Fu masters use this Chi Kung perform amazing feats such as breaking bricks, being hit with hammers and washing in broken glass! The famous “Iron Shirt Chi Kung”, in which Nam Yang specializes, is an extreme form of martial Chi Kung.

Kung Fu

Tiger Crane Combination Kung Fu

Classic Fukienese Kung Fu! This art trains the body’s tendons to knit together into one energized whole, which snaps out devastating power from short range. It also employs body mechanics so that small people can overcome the strength of larger people. The Tiger-Crane Combination art is a close-range art using mostly hand techniques including striking and seizing.

Shuang Yang

Sun- Frost White Crane Soft and Gentle Art, "Shuang Yang"

Shuang Yang Pei Ho Rou Rouan Chien, usually referred to as “Shuang Yang” for short, is the rarely taught soft form of the Shaolin White Crane art. It looks similar to Tai Chi but follows the Buddhist Shaolin tradition.

This is a very relaxed, fluid art which develops suppleness, mobility, calmness and balance. It energizes the tendons and charges the body with ‘Chi’. It massages, cleans and strengthens the internal organs making us healthier and more resistant to disease.

The Shuang Yang art is suitable for most people, even the elderly and unfit since it is performed in a slow, relaxed fashion. Make no mistake, however, this is a real martial art capable of use in serious fight.

Pushing Hands

Pushing/ Sticky Hands

We react much faster to our sense of touch than our sight.

Hence the White Crane Art (considered to be the most advanced of the Shaolin arts, as it was the last to be developed before the burning off the southern temple) always seeks to make touch contact with an opponent at the outset of a fight and use it to manipulate and overcome them.

We constantly train touch sensitivity drills usually referred to as pushing / sticky hands. These drills provide direct, hands on contact and train speed, reactions and strategy while remaining safe.
Shaolin Weapons

Shaolin Weapons

The Shaolin weapons have captured the imaginations of many generations of people all over the world.

Although the weapons of ancient China are now seldom used for war, we still teach the original fighting forms as taught to Master Ang Lian Huat by Tan Kew Liong (9 Dragons Tan), the Chief of the Herbal Medicine Peddlers in The Chuang Cho district of old Fukien China.

Weapons training is a workout for the whole body and develops strength, coordination, concentration and balance. It is also great fun.

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Sum Chien

Sum Chien

‘Sum Chien’, meaning Three Wars or Three Battles is the original Shaolin internal power training exercise.  

Sum Chien is one of the most potent forms of Chi Kung (Qigong) training and is practised by many different styles of Kung Fu and Karate.  To us it is the most basic routine (because it is the one we learn first) and also the most advanced (because it is the one with the most depth and the most power and the one that we still practise even if we do not have time to practise anything else!).

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