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Thomas Croc teaches weekly classes on Corfu

in Arillas  & Casa Lucia (close to Corfu town) 

 Contact him  for more details

Classes at Casa Lucia 


Every Saturday a 3h Yin & Yang Kung Fu session.

From 10am to 11:30am: Yin Kung Fu Class, Chi Kung, Walking Meditation & Shuang Yang (Tai Chi).

From 11:30am to 1pm: Yang Kung Fu Class, Warm up, Traditional Shaolin Yang training & Stretch.

The classes are designed for all levels of fitness and experience, they will include some light warm-up and stretches. It is recommended to attend both Yin & Yang sessions for a more complete practice but it is possible to attend only one part of it if necessary.

Monthly Subscriptions to be paid in advance. All prices in Euro.

Because we believe that Kung Fu should be accessible regardless of your finances, special discounts can be made for unemployed, single parents and people with financial problems on request.

Private sessions are also available upon request at

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Every Friday is Fight Night !

From 8pm to 10pm, a special event dedicated to Teenagers(13-18). What happens in Fight Night stays in Fight Night ! A place to learn self-defense, respect and traditional fighting. Supervised by an experienced Kung Fu teacher. Fun and challenging.
Overall a great way to spend your Friday evening amongst friends learning and practicing Kung Fu!

Entry to Fight Night is  10 € per session. 

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