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One of our most prized possessions in terms of forms that we practice is the

Sun-Frost White Crane Soft and Gentle Art, also known as “Shuang Yang”.

Shuang Yang is a favorite amongst our students thanks to it’s elegant and gentle nature. 

The form originates in the Buddhist Shaolin tradition and is very rarely practiced nowdays, 

indeed we are perhaps one of the only schools to make this form available to the western world. 


The Shuang Yang form is a sequence of 66 moves, conducted in a slow and meditative way, aimed

to cultivate body awareness, stability, calmness, and balance, as well as martial art techniques. 

thomas qi gong2.jpeg
thomas qi gong.jpeg

To learn the complete sequence of Shuang Yang can take many months and to master the art

takes a lifetime of practice.  However, even a small part of the routine is an

extremely valuable tool that you will enjoy practicing again and again.

The Shuang Yang art is suitable for most people, even the elderly and unfit since it is performed in a slow, relaxed fashion. Make no mistake, however, this is a real martial art capable of use in serious fights.

Learning this soft, meditative art that will boost your health, strength, concentration and energy.

Watch below an expert of the form. Visit our youtube channel for the full form 

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