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Tiger - Crane Combination Art

The Tiger-Crane stance is fairly high allowing for mobility and fast stepping. The hand techniques are thrown from close range so as to maximize their chances of success and generally target weak points where they will have the greatest effect. At an advanced level, springy power from the tendons can be used to generate a power which penetrates deeply into the body and affects the internal organs – ask an instructor for a safe, controlled demonstration!


Fast, accurate and deadly. The Tiger Crane combination is a classic southern Shaolin style which emphasizes intricate hand techniques thrown from a solid, stable stance.

Being close to the original Shaolin White Crane, this style emphasizes the use of touch sensitivity to connect to an opponent and feel their movement and intention, countering them immediately when they initiate a move – before it can become dangerous. It also uses ‘springy’ power generated from the tendons rather than the muscle – the hallmark of genuine Shaolin Kung Fu.


Brief History
When the Tiger meets the Crane

The story starts with the Monk Hung Ee Kan, famous, powerful and undefeated Master of the Tiger (Tai Chor) Style.
After escaping the burning of the Shaolin Temple, Hung Ee Kan travelled the world with the Red Barge (an opera troop) and gathered secret societies throughout China to defend against the Manchus.
After retiring from the Red Barge he came across an Old man teaching his daughter a style that he wasn't familiar with.

The Old man noticed him and offered him to spar with his daughter, Hung Ee Kan suffered his first ever loss, the little girl was very swift and evasive, waiting for opportunities to block and counter the powerful Tiger Style. Her name was Tee Eng Choon from the Tee family and she was practicing White Crane Kung Fu.

From this encounter the Tiger Master decided to study the style and stay with the Tee family. Later on they would marry and create together the Tiger-Crane Style.

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