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Why practice Kung Fu?

Kung Fu is much more than fighting! Traditional Chinese Kung Fu contains the secrets of the Ancient Masters and offers us valuable tools in life. 

Literally, Kung Fu means hard work done over a long period of time. It trains our endurance and discipline and empowers us to overcome obstacles. 

What are the benefits of Kung Fu practice?

Our arts train the body’s ‘Chi’ – the energy which permeates all living things and has profound effects on our health and well being. 

Through practice we learn to harness and effectively manage our vital energy, "Chi". This has a benefit not only for our physical body, making it more resilient and able to last longer in time, but also for our mental and psychological health.


Through Kung Fu practice we learn to deal with stress and pressure, and respond in a calm and effective way. We become more mindful and aware of what is happening around us and within us. We also gain confidence in our ability to defend ourselves and "stand our ground" in moments of conflict. 


We can through Kung Fu practice achieve physical benefits that include:

  • Improved Breathing Capacity

  • Increased level of Fitness and Flexibility

  • Loss of Weight (if overweight) 

  • Gain of Energy and Vitality 

As well as mental and psychological benefits that include: 

  • Improved Focus and Concentration

  • Increased level of Awareness

  • Increased level of Calmness and Reduction of Stress

  • More Confidence

For detailed descriptions of the specific arts we practice see The Shaolin Arts page.

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