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Athens, 5-6 March '22

Saturday 5/3 , 11:00am - 2pm

Sunday 6/3 ,    11:00am - 2pm

Quilombo Lab (Servion 8, Athens)

Registration required:

**Workshops will continue every month in Athens.
Dates for April to be announced soon. 

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Beginners Workshop on Traditional Shaolin Kung Fu

The seminar/workshop is an introduction to the ancient practices of the Shaolin monks of southern China.

In this 2-day seminar you will be introduced to the Fundamental Elements of Kung Fu:


  • Soft Chi Kung for Health and Longevity

  • The Internal Form “Sun-Frost White Crane Soft and Gentle Art”, also known as “SHUANG YANG”. This art that looks similar to Tai Chi but follows the Buddhist Shaolin tradition.

  • Basic movements of Kung Fu (strikes, blocks, kicks) of the Tiger Crane Combination Art

  • SUM CHIEN, A Hard Chi Kung Form which is the most fundamental form of Kung Fu and trains our “springy power”

  • Pushing Hands, partner exercises that train stability and touch sensitivity.

  • Walking and Sitting Meditation

Appropriate for everyone. There is no age limit or prerequisite to join.


The workshop offers everyone an opportunity to be introduced to an ancient practice that has multiple benefits for our physical and mental wellbeing.


In the course of the workshop we will experience:

* how to use our body in the most efficient way possible, how to save our precious energy, to channel it at will and how to connect with natural forces.

* how to synchronise all the part of the body and create whip like movements that creates springy energy.

* how to sink our centre of gravity and ground to the earth to achieve more stability.

* We will train strength, flexibility, balance, concentration and more.

* We will experience how these thousand-year-old practices can help us build confidence in our body and mind, connect with others and gain understanding of how to defend ourselves and others in a physical but also mental way.

Cost: 50 €  | Discounts are offered  according to peoples needs (contact us) :


Places are limited! Registration is required

Please write to us at or 6987093993