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Athens, 5-6 November '22

Saturday 5/11 , 10am - 1pm

Sunday 6/11 ,    10am - 1pm

Quilombo Lab (Servion 8, Athens)

Registration required:

*All levels & fitness - beginners welcome.
*6 hours of intensive training
*55 euros / 30 euros (first day only) 

Marble Surface

3-Day Shaolin Kung Fu Intensives


Using traditional Shaolin Kung Fu teachings, you will learn to connect with your roots and the ones of others.


The focus of the first day will be to grow your roots and work on our stance.

How do you hold your ground ? How you do allow forces to pass through you? and how do you use external forces to your advantage?

The second day we will shift the focus towards another's root system. By learning how to up-root (lift) somebody we learn how not to be up-rooted.

How do you move somebody heavier than yourself ? How not to move when somebody stronger wants to move you ?

How to strike using your roots ?


The program includes Pushing Hands, Partner Stability drills, Stance work, Chi Kung Exercises, touch sensitivity drills and much more.


Our stance and connection with the earth is literally our foundation, it is the most important aspect of Kung Fu training and of a balanced life. A Tree that has no roots cannot weather the storm and will collapse.

Likewise a person whose mind and body is not anchored and rooted we will more likely fall when faced with difficulties.

Rooting gives us power, strength,  confidence and calmness. In martial arts our strikes become more powerful, our responses to attacks calmer and more contained. We learn to keep our balance.

Likewise, in life our presence becomes calmer and stronger.

A stable body means a stable mind and a stable mind is clear and peaceful. 

During these two days we will answer these questions and have plenty of practice to let this body knowledge sink into ourselves and affect the way we interact with others.


This workshop will bring us closer to being a stable and confident human being, somebody that people can rely on and find support from.

For performers it will greatly help with strengthening your presence on stage. 


Having experience is not a necessary thing although It will definitely help you during the classes.

Everybody of all fitness level are welcome.

Please contact us for more information:

Thomas Croc bio: here

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