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Thomas was a very good and patient teacher to me. With his beautiful soul and passion for Kung Fu with all that is to it, it was a pleasure to learn from him. He is skilled in Kung Fu and has an impressive amount of knowledge and experience with meditation...


-Elisabeth, Germany 

Peaceful Warrior: 2-9 September 2021
7-day Retreat in Greece

Join us in a natural reserve to practice Shaolin Kung Fu

We offer you a week long immersive retreat, which is beginner friendly and appropriate for all ages. This retreat takes place in a natural reserve in northern Greece, where we will live and train in nature. Various accommodation options are available to suit all budgets. 

The retreat will focus on the basic key elements of the Tiger-Crane Traditional Kung Fu. We will explore the ancient and powerful art of the Shaolin monks and experience the Kung Fu Lifestyle by living together and practicing daily. The art of the Shaolin is the art of living and learning from Nature, the art of finding Balance; balance between soft and hard, water and fire, yin and yang. 

The benefits of Kung Fu Practice are numerous. By following the Kung Fu Lifestyle, not only do we train our bodies and increase our level of health, but we also train our minds to be more focused and calm. 

Physical Benefits include: 

  • Improved Breathing Capacity

  • Increased level of Fitness and Flexibility

  • Loss of Weight (if overweight) 

  • Gain of Energy and Vitality 

Mental & Spiritual Benefits include:

  • Improved Focus and Concentration

  • Increased level of Awareness

  • Increased level of Calmness and Reducing Stress

  • More Confidence


The retreat offers you 6 days of training and one day-off where you can sleep-in, rest, relax and explore the beautiful beaches and forests of the area. It is the perfect combination of Vacation and Training. You can also arrive earlier or stay longer after our program ends. 

For information and suggestions on sites to visit see the Explore Around page


What you will be learning and practicing in the Retreat: 

  • Chi Kung for Health and Longevity‘Chi’ (Qi) is a natural energy which pervades all things. Chi Kung is the practice of charging the body with fresh, balanced Chi, eliminating stale Chi and circulating Chi through all of the meridians and to every cell of the body.

  • Sun-Frost White Crane Soft and Gentle Art , aka "Shuang Yang", rarely taught soft form of the Shaolin White Crane art. It looks similar to Tai Chi but follows the Buddhist Shaolin tradition.

  • Sitting, Standing and Walking Meditation of the Buddhist tradition. Meditation supports our training by calming our minds, relaxing our bodies, circulating our Chi and enhancing our awareness.

  • Tiger- Crane Combination Kung Fu, the Classic Fukienese Kung Fu. The Tiger-Crane Combination art is a close-range art using mostly hand techniques including striking and seizing.

  • "Sum Chien", the original Shaolin internal power training exercise.

  • Chi Kung for Internal Power, also known as Hard Chi Kung or Martial Chi Kung

  • Pushing Hands/ Sticky Handstouch sensitivity drills that provide direct, hands on contact and train speed, reactions and strategy while remaining safe.

  • Shaolin Weapons. In this retreat we will mostly focus on the Tan taw (Chinese broadsword)

There will also be sessions of Workouts, Stretching and Relaxation to aid and better develop our physical fitness.  Massage treatments are available upon request. 

The daily schedule will follow this general outline: 

3-hour Morning Practice with tea break: Chi Kung, Shuang Yang, Sum Chien, Kung Fu Drills

Free Time - Breakfast

1-hour Mid-day Session: Theory, Meditation or light physical workout/bodywork

Free Time - Lunch

2-hour Evening Practice : Kung Fu Drills, Pushing Hands/Sticky Hands, Weapons

Free Time - Dinner

It is recommended to attend all sessions to gain the most benefit, but participants are welcome to skip sessions if they wish and adjust the retreat to their own needs.  

The retreat takes place on a pristine location in northern Greece.

See Location and How to get There

Follow the link to view our packages for the Training + Accommodation and reserve your place!

...If you want to try something new, or if you want to keep practicing martial arts, and you have the chance to be trained by Thomas, I would definitely not miss the opportunity. Honestly I can't find a single reason you could regret it!

-Alex, Argentina

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